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Six A Side Primary 317
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Coaching: The Basics

Every year we run a free basic coaching course - see important dates on the main menu to find out when you can join us!

How will I know if we are playing today?

In the event of wet weather, the grounds will be inspected at 8am.

A decision to play will be based on:

  • Water laying on the pitch, which will affect playing conditions

  • Risk of a thunderstorm

If the grounds are unsuitable for play on the day, a Facebook message will be posted

We encourage all players/parents to join our facebook page and provide your coach with contact details so they can contact you at short notice. You should also ask your coach for their contact details, so that they know when a player will not be able to make it!

What do I need to do if my team has the first or the last match of the day?

The first teams to play on each pitch, will need to set up for the day.  All equipment will be ready to go and help will be at hand for the first few Saturday's. Each team is responsible for setting up half of the ground.


If you are the last rostered game, your each team needs to pack up the equipment on half of the ground -   put away the goals/goal pads/flags and have equipment ready for the next week.


The roster will ensure that all teams will have early and late games during the season.

What are team sheets and where do I find them?

Team sheets are located in folders near the door of the Meercroft club rooms. They are used so that we know who is playing.


If you add a printed list to the sheet, please cross out the name(s) of any players not playing on that day. 


Sheets are to ensure that only registered players are taking part, that both  rostered teams took part, to record who the referee is, and for the older age groups, to record the score taken by the referee.

Remember:   If a player is not registered, they are not covered by insurance in the event of an accident.

Who works in the canteen?

We have a canteen manager who is there every week.  However, each school needs to help out by providing helpers throughout the day.


Check the playing roster to see when your school is scheduled to help, and please help out by ensuring there are a couple of helpers on deck.  It does not have to be the same people all day!

I have never coached before and don't know much about soccer!

Our coaches are really important, we cannot run without you.  At the start of each year we run a FREE  course for coaches, giving you some basic ideas for training, it only takes around 2 hours and we would love to see you come along. Check out our Important dates page, all the information about the course will be placed there.


We have also included some basic information below, so that you know how many players you need to have on the pitch, how long your games last and some other basic rules. The links to other webpages will provide you with lots of valuable coaching advice, and REMEMBER, the best "coaching" advice you can give - is play fairly and have fun ... that's what junior soccer at Meercroft is all about!



Some basic playing information that you need to know!

  • The wearing of shin pads is compulsory

  • Metal stops on boots and ANY form of jewellery is not allowed to be worn by players

  • Team sheets must be completed before the start of the match

  • The HOME team (first named) on the roster is required to provide a referee if none has been provided by DJSI

  • Supporters must keep 1 metre away from the boundary line to avoid collisions with players and the area behind and beside the goals must remain clear at all times

  • Swinging on goals is dangerous, please remind your players and any other children you may see doing this.

  • If games start late, playing time is reduced to ensure that following matches are not affected.

  • No dogs are allowed on Meercroft Park

Junior Sports Code of Behaviour


Open 5 and Open 6: 

  • Maximum Players on the Field:   (including Goalkeeper)

  • Size 4 Ball

  • Playing guidelines

Under 10

  • Maximum Players on the Field:  9 (including Goalkeeper)

  • Goalkeepers must only throw the ball

  • Size 4 Ball

  • Match Length:  2 x 25 minute halves (5 minute half time break)

  • Playing guidelines

Under 9 and Under 8

  • Maximum Players on the Field:  7  (including Goalkeeper)

  • Goalkeepers must only throw the ball

  • Size 3 Ball

  • Match Length:  2 x 20 minute halves (5 minute half time break)

  • Playing guidelines

Under 7, Under 6 and  Under 5


Coach of a High school team?

Our high school competition is played throughout the week.

Under 14 & Under 16 Boys Monday afternoons at 4pm.

Under 14 & Under16 Girls Wednesday afternoon at 4pm.

All HIgh School Matches are played at Meercroft Park.


Referees will be rostered for each match


Team sheets need to be sighted by the referee before the game can commence and given to the referee at the end of the match


All High school teams:  

  • Maximum Players on the Field:  11  (including Goalkeeper)

  • Size 5 Ball

  • Match Length:  2 x 30 minute halves (5 minute half time break)

  • Minimum number of players on each team: 7