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Development Centre

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Registrations open 6th March 2024. 

The online registration will open on 6th March

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Why do we have  a Development Centre?
Any DJSA registered player who registered in the Under 9,Under 10, Under 11 and Under 12 Age groups.
Participants need to be willing to undertake additional weekly training and be able to commit to travelling; tournaments are played across the state  


How can you be a part of the Development Centre?

Training starts on Wednesday 6th March, 4-5 pm; come along and meet our coaches. 

Does it cost anything?

The extra training and travel will be a cost to your family, for that reason we keep your other costs as low as possible. 

The registration fees for 2024 are $70 per player. 

Our Development Centre brings together players from a mix of schools to combine and play against teams from other regions throughout Tasmania.


Being a part of a development Centre team allows the players to extend their skills through additional training, with 1 - 2 training sessions per week generally offered for each age group.

Who can be a part of the Development Centre?

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