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2017 Devonport Cup

  • Countdown is happening until Day 1
Devonport Cup Sponsored by:  
  • Team Registrations have been extended until                    Monday May 22 !
                 Friday May 26. 
  • Tournament Rules and Conditions

Devonport Junior Soccer are currently seeking expressions of interest from enthusiastic, unflappable and reliable parents, friends and supports to join our committee.


A sense of humour is essential (and luckily contagious), but other than that, any skills and knowledge required can be attained 'on the job', as we are all there to support each other and try to create a positive, safe and fun environment for all of our young players. Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm, and we are working really hard at getting through our business in a timely and efficient manner - you won't be there 'all night', we promise!


The committee has responsibility for the following functions:

  • fundraising through the canteen sponsorship

  • maintaining and improving our buildings and grounds

  • reviewing and ruling on disciplinary matters

  • managing and replacing equipment

  • supervising the training and mentoring of our junior referees

  • organising the coaching and preparation of our Representative squads

  • hosting the Devonport Cup and Six A Side tournaments


Not all committee members need to be involved with every aspect of the Association. Sub committees are formed on an as needed basis, so your commitment could be for a short period - eg Devonport Cup committee (4 - 6 week preparation period). Or if you can assist as an official, BBQ guru or timekeeper for a tournament, we'd love to hear from you!

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